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It's a good thing to be concerned about various types of food that you're eating. However, you should also be putting thought into what you’re using to cook your food. Even when using coconut oil or olive oil to keep food away from sticking to pans. As many of the popular cookware brands are now nonstick. They also contain chemicals that are linked to major health problems such as alzheimer's, thyroid issues, weaker immune system, cancer and even child-development delays.

There are alternative non-toxic cookware offering additional health benefits. Learn more about non-toxic cookware options by reading below!

Here are 4 non-toxic cookware you should try!

1. Cast Iron

Cast Iron is one of the oldest non-toxic cookware. As it retains heat well, lower setting can be used. This helps food from sticking.

In addition, when you eat food cooked in a cast iron pot or pan, you consume bits of iron. This can be a great way to treat iron deficiency. However, those who have too high of iron stores should avoid cast iron cookware.

2. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of the safest cookware. Make sure you're buying cookware that is made from a food grade version of stainless steel. The numbers such as 304,316,430 are all food grade. Furthurmore, the numbers such as 18/10,18/8,18/0 indicates how much chromium or nickel, repectively that the product contains. And you may keep the second number in mind, if you're concerened about the leaching of nickel.

3. Copper

When it comes to the non-toxic cookware. Copper is in the middle of the road. As some diets are low in copper, it makes this non-toxic in those instincts. Commonly, you find copper outside and non reactive stainless steal inside. As the copper is good conductor of heat. This option gives you best of both materials.

Even when it is safer than most of the options, it can lead to over consumption of copper. However, older copper cookware is not non-toxic cookware. It can have tin or nickel as a coating and should not be used for cooking.

4. Clay-Pot

Unglazed earthen pot pan are non-toxic cookware that does not leach harmful metals into your food.  Earthen ware is usually made with unrefine coarse clay containg trace minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron and zinc. All are essential to well being of the human body. However, there is risk of cracking and cannot be used at high heat.