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Asifa Bano, eight years old daughter of Bakarwal, a nomadic community who reported the Kargil intruders to the army. The Protectors of the country's daughter has been drugged, gang-raped, and battered to death with a rock in a "Hindu Temple".

There has been recent conflicts between some of the residents in the region and Gujjar Community in Katua. As the shepherd use public forest land in Jammu for grazing.
Arifa being used as 'Pawn' shows the intolerable religious waves spreading across the country. 

As one section of the society is fighting justice for Asifa's sexual violence and murder, there's the other section of the society who defends for the accused rapists and murderers. The accused people includes retired government official Sanji Ram, Special Police officer Deepak Khajuria and Surinder Kumar, Pravesh Kumar, Sanji Ram's son Vishal Jangotra, the alleged teen, and two more accused policemen, who knew of the horrific crime and tried to cover it up for a huge bribe. 

According to Mohammad Yusuf Pujwala, Asifa's father says "The Police were not helpful, one of the police officer alleges, Asifa must have 'eloped' with a boy.
The whole motive behind the attackers was to terrorize and isolate the Gujjar community into leaving the Jammu area.
Even when the Indian 'Celebrities' of India are protesting against the accused. Why they're not having the audacity to question Fascism in Modi Government?