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For Hours Baby Elephant Tries To Wake Up Dead Mom

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One of the real stories of a baby elephant trying to wake up its dead mom elephant for hours may break our heart and same time compel to understand the real truth world is facing. Below video depicts some hard realities wild elephants facing in Western Ghats. Shockingly one should should understand that it was the fifth case of an elephant dying in the same area in the last 15 days, and remained not turning a noticable news. After all, in a world where terrorists are indiscriminately killing hundreds and cruel boys are throwing dogs off terraces, an ailing elephant dying is not news.

Ecological future in South India, critically depends on the protection of the Western Ghats.

According to the reports though with some exceptions, deforestation in Kerala is getting control'd now thanks to the works environmental activists and some political parties and their continuous vigilance. As well, media also more keen on the issues of ecology nowadays.

Still the fact is that many of the wild animals existence moved to the border lines. Even while attempts continue to protect wild animals including Elephants facing severe situations when it compels to cross forest areas. This incident of female elephant’s death and its baby’s plight is after effect of man-made disasters.